Do you love doing design for your home?

Have family and friends commented on your eye for color or asked you to help them do design for their home? If yes, then maybe you should consider changing your decorating talent from a hobby into a second career. I am Linda Hunt and in my years doing interior decorating, I have met many people … Continue reading

In Praise of Pillows

They make your home more lush and comfortable. They are a nice place to lay your head on.They are the key to the soft life. Pillows and cushions, those stuffed, fabric shaped little pieces of heavenly comfort, can be found in all the corners of your home. Also, the many shapes and sizes are versatile … Continue reading


Stand still too long in my house this time of year and you will get a decoration hung on you! I love to put Christmas cheer in every room. You will find my decorations hung, draped and swagged in all the nooks and crannies of my home. Want to spread some holiday cheer in your … Continue reading

My Go-To Paint Colors

In my designer bag of tricks, there are piles of paint chips in my 2 favorite colors that never fail to please my clients and their families.   First up is Sherwin Williams Inviting Ivory (SW637). It is a fresh and warm color that welcomes everyone with its sunny disposition that is not too gold or … Continue reading

Decorate Your Castle – Brown Jordan Leaders in Patio Furniture

Click on the link below to listen to a pod cast of Linda Hunt speaking with Brown Jordan spokesperson about the latest and greatest in outdoor furniture. Steve Elton of Brown Jordan will be my guest on Blog Talk Radio to talk about Brown Jordans award winning outdoor furniture line. Since 1945, Brown Jordan has … Continue reading

Want to Learn Feng Shui for Your Home?

People talk about it all the time – what the heck it is? Here you go – your primer with a brief and elementary explanation of the five principles of feng shui. The five elements of feng shui are water, earth, metal, fire and wood. Water affects spirituality and all emotions. To add water to a room use any deep tone of … Continue reading

Fireplace Mantels Show Off Your Style

A discussion of the well-dressed mantel was featured in Cambria USA  recently. It is so timely as we all have just cleaned the Christmas decor off the mantel and are ready for new and fresh decor there. So before you bring out your colored bottles and greenery, look at their composition tips. Vary the height, … Continue reading

Christmas Decorating Idea As Seen In A Swiss Design Magazine

The Swiss have a lovely way of presenting holiday decor in their country. The one shown here uses glass ball ornaments and faux poinsettia flowers to create the “beautifully unique that I love!

Put Your Home on a Diet

I am going to show you here that less is really more on my fireplace mantel decor. It really works and will let some of your prized possessions have the spotlight in your home that they deserve.

What’s Your Style? Could it be Tuscan Design!

Tuscan decorating is inspired by the beauty of the Italian country side and the colors of this style speak of the country –  earth tones and warm rich colors such as olive green, umber and orange. A Tuscan home evokes a simple lifestyle. Look for the elements of stone, marble, stucco, terra cotta and wrought … Continue reading