In Praise of Pillows

They make your home more lush and comfortable. They are a nice place to lay your head on.They are the key to the soft life. Pillows and cushions, those stuffed, fabric shaped little pieces of heavenly comfort, can be found in all the corners of your home. Also, the many shapes and sizes are versatile enough to fit in with any and all design styles. So what is not to love about them?

As the saying goes, ‘it’s what’s on the inside that counts’. The same for pillows and cushions. So, let’s start there by learning the stuff they are made of. Filling material is what provides overall support and comfort for the cushion. Duck, goose or feathers make the softest pillows that can be squished into any shape you want. Foam, rubber and polyester are also very popular as pillow fills. They are generally less expensive than down and hold their shape very well. If you have allergies, they will be a better choice as the animal feathers can trigger reactions for those using them. So make your selections according to what is best.pillows-1227391

There are just as many styles and options with pillows and cushions as there are fish in the sea. Corded square pillows are just the tip of the iceberg. You will love mixing different shapes and sizes for your sofa and bed. Imagine flopping down on your bed right in the middle of a lovely arrangement of square, round and neck roll pillows in your design colors- delightful! That is a great big dose of comfort for you. Repeat it on your sofa and enjoy.

Your window seats and fireplace hearths are also calling out for some comfort. Give it to them with some seat cushions for all the members of your family. Cushions have boxed sides to accommodate the depth of the foam insert needed. Have them made for your wood chairs and linger comfortably over coffee after dinner. The foam rubber insert can be cut to fit any seat you may have – so go for it and create the world of comfortable in your home. Deck your outdoor chairs with colorful Performance fabric covered cushions made to fit that can take the weather.

Now excuse me, I am going to flop on the bed for a nice cozy nap.


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