Be Alert About Drapery Cleaning Services

I just returned from an appointment with a client who needed her custom draperies replaced. Seems, she had a company come to her home to do some rug cleaning. They told her they could also clean her drapes – which they did. But in the process of cleaning them, they shredded the fabrics. Not all … Continue reading

Need Your Silhouettes and Luminettes Cleaned?

Then you need to call us now! We will dry clean them in your home and guarantee no damage or shrinkage.We stand apart from the rest because we can clean Hunter Douglas window products and draperies too. We are one of a few around the country who can clean Hunter Douglas Silhouettes. This service is done … Continue reading

Great Way To Get Your Draperies Dry Cleaned

You would be surprised at how easy and convenient it is to have us dry clean your window treatments right where they hang. Watch and learn all about it! Let us help your home or business now.

Look What My Dry Cleaning Crew Can Do!

I am always talking about how well my on-site drapery dry cleaning system works. But it is my crew that makes it all turn out so well on the job. Bill Godwin and Susan Bennett take very good care of our clients and their fine fabrics. Did you know? They cleaned the draperies of a client … Continue reading


I want everyone to start looking up. To the ceiling that is! For years we have come up with color schemes for the 4 side walls in our homes. We have agonized over using the right shade of beige or blue. Many sample paints have been put on our walls to be stared at and … Continue reading

The Absolute Best Way to Clean Blinds

This method will work for  minis, wood blinds, faux woods- just about any time you have. No special tools needed!