Always on the Lookout for The Beautifully Unique

I have had my family room window fabric picked out since March.  The order for the draperies has been written but not sent. And it would be perfectly reasonable for you to ask at this point-  “What is the holdup??” Since I want the beautifully unique, I cannot decide on the decorative hardware I want.  … Continue reading

If You Really Want the “Beautifully Unique”

I have just the ticket for you! And you will be  “green” also. Repurpose aged building materials. I guarantee you will have a one-of -a kind look. I can explain this idea best by example. Over the weekend I visited the New Kent Winery in Virginia. What a delight! Many of the materials used in … Continue reading

Have You Checked Them Out Yet?

Decorating by my “beautifully unique” philosophy moves you above the “everyone’s home has that” style of decor. It is my standard. It may take more time to come together, but the results are well worth it! Even the local home improvement stores surprise me with their offerings that fit the “beautifully unique” category. Keep your … Continue reading

An Aspiration of Mine

I am honored to join with an amazing group of ladies in : Women Speakers Association! I hope to learn much from this group and improve my still learning speaker skills. Getting in front of a crowd is not a problem- did plenty of that in the community theater group I acted in! Now I … Continue reading

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Lampshades

Since the next step on my Family Room Decorating Journey was to do the lamps in the room, I decided it might benefit all of us to get a few pointers on selecting the proper lampshade.The folks over at Lamps USA offer the following buyer’s guide. 1. The shade should complement the lamp and come … Continue reading


I want everyone to start looking up. To the ceiling that is! For years we have come up with color schemes for the 4 side walls in our homes. We have agonized over using the right shade of beige or blue. Many sample paints have been put on our walls to be stared at and … Continue reading

Decorating with Mirrors for Everyone!

See how I have added mirrors to my family room for more light!!Decorating with Mirrors