Baby Boomers Re-Design Downsizing

I am a bona fide member of the postwar Baby Boomer generation. So, I feel I can speak for my group as we approach being retired in our empty-nester home. We are all so full of life and have made 60 the new 40. We do not want to think about downsizing, assisted living or … Continue reading

Living Room Design Inspired by the Rug

The deep corals and blues in the homeowner’s beautiful rug were the inspiration for this room’s interior design. The two colors compliment each other so well. The resulting design has created a cohesive style that beckons you to come in and sit down!

Trying a New Color Scheme? Be Brave and Go For It!

Most of us have never been sure about paints and especially colors for our home. Well, not any more- there is a product out there that we all can use for the age-old problem!

Speaking Engagement from The Decorator, Linda Hunt

I would be happy to come to your group, association, etc. and talk about interior design, downsizing, business office organization, and much more. Give me a call!

Great Way To Get Your Draperies Dry Cleaned

You would be surprised at how easy and convenient it is to have us dry clean your window treatments right where they hang. Watch and learn all about it! Let us help your home or business now.

A Color Explosion in Interior Design

Often the most difficult part of interior design is what colors to use and where to put them! Watch as I show some new things about building a color scheme and what I call the color explosion!  Great interior design color schemes and ideas for your home decorating.

Color Scheme Special Offer

Get started with your color schemes with my online special offer. My best color advice personalized for your home through Skype or Face  Time.  

Tips to Light The Kitchen

  Our friends over at Shades Of Light have 3 great tips for keeping the main gathering area of your home warm and welcoming. For your island, try 2 or more lanterns instead of one island chandelier. About 41 inches above the counter works best.   Add a pendant light above the sink for focused task lighting. … Continue reading

Ways to Make Your Home More Allergy Proof Right Now

I love Spring so much and am grateful to not suffer from seasonal allergies that arrive at the same time as the beautiful weather. Others in my family are not so lucky and stay indoors as much as possible. But your home can also be an allergy central. I have some ideas that can help. … Continue reading

Let’s Get Spring Started with a Maypole Party!

I like to think that the power of suggestion is pretty strong. Right after the last snow, we were setting up our Spring/Easter storefront windows at W. Hirsch Rugs in Carytown. It surely beckoned to Spring to come to Richmond and stay a spell. It is a Maypole party and the bunnies and their friends … Continue reading