Room by Room – Designed for Senior Safety

A whole set of new concerns can descend on a family about the safety and comfort of their senior family members.  My interior design work concentrates on senior safety and design for comfortable living.  I’ve got lots of ideas for each area of the home.  Today we’ll start in the bathroom. Safety in the showers is … Continue reading

Baby Boomers Re-Design Downsizing

I am a bona fide member of the postwar Baby Boomer generation. So, I feel I can speak for my group as we approach being retired in our empty-nester home. We are all so full of life and have made 60 the new 40. We do not want to think about downsizing, assisted living or … Continue reading

A Fresh New Valance Design

I designed this valance to be unique and simple at the same time to compliment this black and white wallpaper pattern. It adds just “enough” to the décor and is just “enough” to stand on its own. To get this valance exactly the way I wanted it, I did something a little different. I used … Continue reading

Something Really New for Your Bathroom

  The act of taking a shower has risen to a new level. Welcome to the “healing shower”. It takes advantage of the soothing effects of light to make us feel better after a long day at the office. The technology behind this is called chromotherapy and you can get it for your shower right … Continue reading

8 Universal Design Ideas You Will Want for the Bathroom

Universal design for the bathroom is something we will all need to address sooner or later in our life. We are living longer and healthier lives and need to change our environment to accomodate that. I want to make everyone proactive about this. It is that important! So let’s start here and now. Universal/downsizing design … Continue reading

The Bold Design Possibilities with Black And White

My main bathroom has been slowly evolving from a tame floral room to a one with the graphic punch of black and white. Check out the diamond wallpaper on the upper halves of walls. I went with my gut, got bold and now am seeing an upscale, chic bathroom emerge! The white monogrammed shower curtain … Continue reading