Stand still too long in my house this time of year and you will get a decoration hung on you! I love to put Christmas cheer in every room. You will find my decorations hung, draped and swagged in all the nooks and crannies of my home. Want to spread some holiday cheer in your own home? You have come to the right place!

The tools you will need are ribbons, scissors and floral wire. I like to use ribbon with wired edges. It is flexible and helps your bows and streamers hold their shape. It is available everywhere for a reasonable price.  Now let’s deck the house! The dining room chandelier gets ribbons tied and draped from its rungs. The potted plants get a bow tied around their middles. The banister and stair railings look pretty draped in ribbons and bows mingled with garland, lights and ornaments. Tie a ribbon with long streamers around the backs of the chairs at your table to dress them up for the holiday. How about a bow on the wicker basket by the fireplace? Or on the wooden duck figurines that stand proud on your mantel? Vases, pitchers, carousel horses or anything with a “neck” is a candidate for ribbon decor. Indoor and outdoor columns look beautiful wrapped with ribbons. As always, keep all decorations away from heat and open

Stores are full of bright holiday linens right now. You can hang those Christmas fingertip towels in your bathroom – you know, the ones everyone is afraid to use or use your linens in other creative ways. Set a holiday placemat on your end table and dresser instead of a doily. A red mat under a collection of gold angels would add some wow! On a mantel, let the pretty side of a table runner hang over the edge. Line a wicker basket with a red plaid napkin and then fill it with pinecones. Put some rolled up some red and green towels in the bath for your guests. On your table, lay two tablecloths diagonally for a beautiful play on colors. You’ve got the idea now have fun with the your linens.

I want to offer a few thoughts on color for this season. I love the color combinations on some of the ribbons I have seen! They make a great starting point for you. Or pick colors for decorating that complement your home’s color scheme. Gold, silver and white are pretty universal colors to use. The traditional red and green colors of Christmas go well with everything. Blue and purple are great with rich colors in your home.  There is something for everyone.

I would love to have you share your pictures and stories about your special Christmas décor. Drop me a line and I hope you have a wonderful holiday!



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