Get the Most Value from Your Consultation

 Help your decorator help you with your homes interior design during the consultation. Do your homework first and you will get the most bang for your decorating buck. Write down all your decorating questions as you think of them so you won’t forget an important aspect of your design. Have any magazine cut outs or … Continue reading

How to Pull It All Together

Have you gotten to that place yet? I have been there more times than I care to admit. Every one of us will come to that place of not knowing how to pull our interior decorating together in our homes. We may have good design furnishings in our homes but completing the look and the … Continue reading

Remember Me When Friends and Family Need Interior Design!

  A very important part of my design business is the referrals I receive from you, my clients. You already know me and the quality of work done here at Creatively Yours Custom. Rest assured that I will serve your referrals the same way. For  the referral that spends $900 or more with me, you will … Continue reading

5 No Cost Decorating Changes You Can Make Now!

Move your furniture to different rooms in your home for a new look. Do the same with your accessories. Get out one of your pretty dishes and put it in your powder room to hold fancy soaps and tissues. Wrap and knot a fancy scarf around a throw pillow for a decorative look. Use a … Continue reading

5 Low Cost Decorating Changes You Can Make Now

Buy a can of paint for one wall or a whole room or to change the color of your powder room vanity. Your labor is free and the only cost is the gallon of paint. Purchase new bathroom fixtures such as a towel bar, robe hook or toilet tissue holder. A can of spray paint … Continue reading

Staged and Show Ready Homes That Sell

Selling homes is all about the first impressions buyers get as they walk through the front door. It has to be memorable, appealing and unique. That is what staging is all about in helping you to getting more offers on your home. Now I can help you with thoughtful design consultation that enable your home … Continue reading


Since I get asked about this all the time, I have come up with a plan of action to get you going on your interior design. It will point you in the right direction and give you a gentle nudge to start you on your decorating journey. It can be kept for reference over the … Continue reading

Something for Everyone – Get Your New Favorite Design Ideas Here

You know me, I am always on the lookout for what is new in décor.I love these design tips I found for you.  1. Create one-of-a-kind art for your walls with placemats and old books. It is easy and ingenious! Choose a unique and pretty placemat and have it framed. You can even buy matching napkins or table … Continue reading

The Best Clutter-Busters For Your Life and Home

Here are 5 great practices for you to follow at your home to slowly but surely gain control over your stuff. It really works! 1. Start reducing clutter by doing ‘one in two out’. For every new item you come home with, get rid of two. It is such an efficient clutter buster. 2. Take … Continue reading

Stop Procrastinating and Start Decorating

Stop Procrastinating and Start Decorating Are you in a state of overwhelm and not knowing how to start your home decorating? Do you just keep putting it off? I have seen it all and am here to say you do not have to be stuck anymore. I have the way to help you get started. … Continue reading