Fair Trade Is Fair for Everyone

Hi Everyone- Here Shirley Shivhon explains the fair-trade system of trade. It is the right thing to do for the human condition around the world. It has raised my consciousness. Read on and see how you might practice this in your shopping trips. What is buying fair-trade? Fair-trade is a system of trade based on … Continue reading

Straight from the Expert – Selecting the Right Area Rug

Great post about beautiful, etheral area rugs from Shirley Shivhon the designer and owner of Shivhon Rugs.  I love her designs! She has a wealth of information about how to select a rug and buying from fair trade vendors. She explains: Area rugs can make a beautiful contribution to any room and they are often the … Continue reading

The “Mystery” Product Revealed

This is Couef. It is seating. It is also seating with a slide out side tray and it is also a coffee table. There is even a version of this that is used for seating in the bath. There are cool wood, fabric and penny tile finishes available. I find these pieces fascinating and they … Continue reading

Tips and Ideas-Decorating ABC’S

  I have a plan for you. It will help get you started on your home’s interior design, point you in the right direction and give you a gentle nudge to get moving. And, did I mention, it is as easy as pie- a no calorie pie that is. You need to purchase a sturdy … Continue reading

5 Must Have Design Inspirations

As many of you know, I firmly believe that good home decor has a positive influence on your psyche, feelings of well-being and creates that sense of “aaah” in your life. I have been in contact with Beth Baker of Deserving Decor up in Pennsylvania. She and her crew do some marvelous makeovers for the … Continue reading

Colors Lead the Way in Senior Friendly Design

Americans are living longer these days thanks to modern medicine and healthier lifestyles. As a result of all this good stuff, the elder segment of our population is mushrooming and many new living issues have cropped up. Today’s focus is the role of color in design for empty nesters and seniors, whether they age in … Continue reading