The Art of Organization

It takes talent and training to be organized and stay that way! It can help create spaciousness in your living spaces. Here are some ideas from my e-book on organization. Store items near the place they will be used. It is very logical and convenient and will keep you organized. They will be always at … Continue reading

Room-by-Room – Designed for Senior Safety

A new set of concerns arise when we take on responsibility for the safety and comfort of our aging family members. I specialize in downsizing design. The physical and emotional aspects of downsizing are so important. Safety in the shower is a top priority. Wall mounted handles help seniors with entering and exiting the tub. … Continue reading

Colors Lead the Way in Senior Friendly Design

Americans are living longer these days thanks to modern medicine and healthier lifestyles. As a result of all this good stuff, the elder segment of our population is mushrooming and many new living issues have cropped up. Today’s focus is the role of color in design for empty nesters and seniors, whether they age in … Continue reading

Baby Boomers Re-Design Downsizing

I am a bona fide member of the postwar Baby Boomer generation. So, I feel I can speak for my group as we approach being retired in our empty-nester home. We are all so full of life and have made 60 the new 40. We do not want to think about downsizing, assisted living or … Continue reading


Using a designer when moving to a downsized residence makes a lot of sense! Even before you get to your right-sized life, designers can help you build your vision of the style, functionality you will want to have in place. They help you identify pieces that will transition smoothly for you. They know the “way” … Continue reading

Universal Downsizing Information

Sooner or later we will all make the transition to retirement and transition our living spaces to our needs at that time. Check out this SPECIAL!! Important Universal Downsizing Information for Everyone! For $10.00 Click HERE Get started today with our great offers for your home’s design. Linda Hunt Creatively Yours Custom Inc.