Making a Topiary Part II

Sorry for the delay for Part II to complete your topiary. This video follows Part I on how to complete your topiary.

Window Energy

Save on your electric bill this Winter!!    

So What’s New With You?

We all ask that same question when we run into friends and acquaintances in the neighborhood. It is the question that keeps us current with the lives of the people we know and love. Well, I get asked the same question about upcoming interior design trends. And you know how I get; I just love … Continue reading

Get the Most Value from Your Consultation

 Help your decorator help you with your homes interior design during the consultation. Do your homework first and you will get the most bang for your decorating buck. Write down all your decorating questions as you think of them so you won’t forget an important aspect of your design. Have any magazine cut outs or … Continue reading


You really should check out the stylish and attractive window treatments at your local department store. I was very impressed! There are beautiful fabrics and up-to-date looks to satisfy even the most fashion conscious among us! With a little bit of coaching from me, your interior decorator, you can have them up at your windows … Continue reading


So often when designing our interior spaces, the choices in styles, colors, fabrics, and furnishings are geared towards the woman of the home. Men often feel pampered and comfortable in spaces that are linked in some way to their interests or hobbies. Some people call this using a “theme”. Working with a theme offers a … Continue reading

Making a Topiary Part I

Getting started with your own topiary design. Design your topiary right with the tips on this video.

Your “Green” Home Check-Up

Increasing your home’s energy efficiency has a two-fold benefit for you. Doing so will save you money and help improve the performance of your home’s fixtures and appliances. Consistent efforts to improve energy efficiency will over time equal a big payoff. Check or upgrade your home’s windows. If it is time to replace windows, consider … Continue reading

9 Beautiful Ideas for the 9th Month

Sometimes the decorating bug bites and we want to make quick, easy changes that can shake things up a bit in our homes. As a bonus, these 9 ideas that do not involve picking up a paint brush or any other form of manual labor. We all like that. Bring in fresh flowers. This is … Continue reading