Beautiful Christmas Cherub in Glass Vase

Watch this ” beautifully unique” Christmas decoration comes to life. It is elegant for your table or mantle and so easy to do yourself.


This holiday, why not help the Earth by reusing and recycling where you can and giving gifts that are eco-responsible? Here are 4 great tips: Gifts that are non-consumable are always valued and appreciated. Wrap up a gift card to the local movie theatre or a couple of tickets to a play or concert. Give … Continue reading


Stand still too long in my house this time of year and you will get a decoration hung on you! I love to put Christmas cheer in every room. You will find my decorations hung, draped and swagged in all the nooks and crannies of my home. Want to spread some holiday cheer in your … Continue reading

Christmas Decorating Idea As Seen In A Swiss Design Magazine

The Swiss have a lovely way of presenting holiday decor in their country. The one shown here uses glass ball ornaments and faux poinsettia flowers to create the “beautifully unique that I love!


Ready or not, here comes the busiest time of the year. We do so much to get ready for the holidays that we forget to exhale until the first of January!  My favorite phrase this time of year is “so much to do and so little time”. We are in high gear as we cook, … Continue reading

Design Your Best Holiday yet!

How would you like to be the hostess with the mostest this year? Your role for these holiday events should not include the duties of caterer and logistics expert.   Let’s not throw our dream of a wonderful holiday out the window when our guests come in the front door. My design focus today is on … Continue reading

Fall and Thanksgiving Decorating Idea.AVI

Do your own designer created Fall and Thanksgiving decoration! Linda Hunt of Creatively Yours shows you an “idea” in glass that you can adapt for year round decor. It is easy and can be very low cost. Take a look!