Decorate Your Castle-Healthy Homes with Terre Design Studio

TUNE IN WED. 7/31 @7PM EST ON WWW.BLOGTALKRADIO.COM Are you looking to design a new home or improve upon an existing one? Are you building a home, adding an addition, or doing a renovation that you would like to be substainable and energy efficient? “Healthy Homes” consulting team of Laura Pitcher and Jennifer Radakovic will … Continue reading

Living Room Design Inspired by the Rug

Decorate Your Castle-Let’s Unclutter with Method Organized

TUNE IN WED. 7/17 @7PM EST ON WWW.BLOGTALKRADIO.COM Looking to declutter and organize your home? Well Steve Dash of Method Organized has the answers you are looking for! Serving your entire home organization needs is what Method Organized does! Whether you start with closet organization, specially designed cabinets for your garage, or a Murphy bed, … Continue reading

Exhale and Relax In Your Bedroom Retreat

Every day life is hectic enough! We need to retreat from that “noise”. The master bedroom is the place to do that. To be able to temporarily shut out the stress of the day by closing the door to your private retreat is the best medicine. Here are some budget-friendly ways to achieve serenity in … Continue reading

Go Back In Time with Creatively Yours Custom

I opened shop for my design business on March 1st 2002. It was a humble 1 woman show at that time but was enough to get my feet wet and get me started being an entrepreneur. My logo was and still is a keystone which to me symbolized a craftsman mark of excellence- a gold … Continue reading