It seems like it has been around forever. We never give it a second thought. When night comes we just reach up and flick the switch to turn it on. What I am talking about is the lowly light bulb that has illuminated our nights and symbolized “brilliant ideas” when the “light goes on” in … Continue reading

A Lighting Primer for Chandeliers and Pendants

I am a firm believer that getting the lighting just right is important to good design. I am often asked about the right size and how high to hang chandeliers and ceiling pendants. These guidelines listed below will answer your chandelier and pendant mounting questions. Light width over a table or kitchen island should be … Continue reading

The Perfect Size and Placement for Your Chandelier

Here are some brilliant tips from Good Housekeeping for your light fixtures. 1. For  good width, multiply the ceiling height (feet) by three to get the right fixture width. An 8 ft. ceiling multiplied by 3 equals 24 so the light would be 24 inches wide. 2. For a light over a table,  make sure … Continue reading

Tips to Light The Kitchen

  Our friends over at Shades Of Light have 3 great tips for keeping the main gathering area of your home warm and welcoming. For your island, try 2 or more lanterns instead of one island chandelier. About 41 inches above the counter works best.   Add a pendant light above the sink for focused task lighting. … Continue reading

The Top 4 Lighting Design Ideas For Your Home

The following lighting design ideas come straight from the expert. Ashton Harrison, previous owner of Shades of Light in Richmond, Virginia, who was my Blog Talk Radio guest in October. She had great advice for lighting your home. These are design tips we all can use! When designing a room, the proper amount of lighting  is 5 … Continue reading

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Lampshades

Since the next step on my Family Room Decorating Journey was to do the lamps in the room, I decided it might benefit all of us to get a few pointers on selecting the proper lampshade.The folks over at Lamps USA offer the following buyer’s guide. 1. The shade should complement the lamp and come … Continue reading