There are lots of little interior design tidbits rambling around in my head these days. This is ‘oh’ so very normal for me, especially when I am working on a large decorating job with lots of elements. That is the case right now. As with every design job, there are certain elements that every one of us can use in our own homes. Here are a few of them for you.

Paint is a big part of a room design. What is the mood you wish to create? Perhaps a spa-like master bedroom and bathroom? That would suggest the tranquil colors of blue, turquoise and aqua with touches of a rich chocolate brown. Recreate the warmth of a Tuscan villa with the colors of terra cotta, deep blue and green. Whatever you want the mood of your room to be, start with the paint colors. One foolproof method to coordinate colors is to pick up the paint color brochures available at your local home improvement center. The color experts for the paint companies put a lot of time and effort into coming up with color combinations that are dynamite together. So get in there and study the color combinations and schemes in their pamphlets! And tell your finicky BFF that Linda said to go ahead and copy those colors if you love them!Decorating tools and materials

I have one final thought on paint. No one alive can ever claim that they have loved every can of paint they have purchased! We’ve all cringed and made faces at seeing that “perfect” color on the paint chips become a whole different animal as it gets slapped on our walls! The sample paint jars are the answer. It is just enough paint to put on a small wall area and be sure you truly love it. What a great idea – I am glad the paint companies do this.

Here is another great idea. Recessed canned lights are easy to adapt to accommodate any kind of light fixture. Kits are available to fit on the recessed lights. Hang a chandelier – or even a ceiling fan! How’s that? Recessed lights over a kitchen island can be changed into pretty pendant fixtures. Get directional lights put on the recessed can fixtures and you can then highlight artwork and structural features of your home. Call me to get the kit for you but you need an electrician for the installation.

Keep your accessories on the move around your home. Tall candlesticks on the dining room table take on a whole new look when moved into the family room to flank the fireplace mantel. Move your urns from the foyer into the master bath and fill them with tall reeds for a great look. Group knick-knacks together by their elements to create an impact. For instance, cut glass and crystal clustered together sparkle and stand out more very nicely.

Well there you have it – the random decorating thoughts of the day.


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