Stand still too long in my house this time of year and you will get a decoration hung on you! I love to put Christmas cheer in every room. You will find my decorations hung, draped and swagged in all the nooks and crannies of my home. Want to spread some holiday cheer in your … Continue reading

Room-by-Room – Designed for Senior Safety

A new set of concerns arise when we take on responsibility for the safety and comfort of our aging family members. I specialize in downsizing design. The physical and emotional aspects of downsizing are so important. Safety in the shower is a top priority. Wall mounted handles help seniors with entering and exiting the tub. … Continue reading

5 Low Cost Decorating Changes You Can Make Now

Buy a can of paint for one wall or a whole room or to change the color of your powder room vanity. Your labor is free and the only cost is the gallon of paint. Purchase new bathroom fixtures such as a towel bar, robe hook or toilet tissue holder. A can of spray paint … Continue reading

Room by Room – Designed for Senior Safety

A whole set of new concerns can descend on a family about the safety and comfort of their senior family members.  My interior design work concentrates on senior safety and design for comfortable living.  I’ve got lots of ideas for each area of the home.  Today we’ll start in the bathroom. Safety in the showers is … Continue reading


Blue is still the most popular color in America. With our busy American lifestyles, we readily welcome the grounding and calming effects of this popular color. The color blue makes us feel very safe. It is associated with peaceful and tranquil feelings. It calms us down both emotionally and physically. Blue is the color most … Continue reading


This article is in ‘Richmond Magazine’ highlighting all the designer’s chosen to create rooms. I have designed the POWDER ROOM on the first floor. You can purchase tickets at all Kroger locations for $15.00 per person until September 14th. AFTER SEPTEMBER 14, tickets will only be available at the door for $20 per person (cash/check) … Continue reading

Blog Talk Radio Decorate Your Castle-Universal Design for the Home-Part I

CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR A REVIEW OF LINDA’S DISCUSSION ON UNIVERSAL DESIGN What is Universal Design for the bathroom? The idea of universal design states that your home should be accessible to all people, regardless of their age, size, or ability. Use the principles of universal design and outfit your bathroom with elements … Continue reading

Something Really New for Your Bathroom

  The act of taking a shower has risen to a new level. Welcome to the “healing shower”. It takes advantage of the soothing effects of light to make us feel better after a long day at the office. The technology behind this is called chromotherapy and you can get it for your shower right … Continue reading