Mission Possible – Eco Friendly Interior Designing

It is the responsibility of all of us to do our part to help preserve our environment and restore Mother Earth to good health. It is not a ‘mission impossible’ and we all need to step up and accept the challenge. Let’s s reduce our carbon footprint in our homes and offices. How we decorate, the materials we use and how we recycle are important to saving our planet. Our mission was to find great interior design products that are creative, earth friendly and low VOC. Those are the gasses given off by some furnishings depending on what has been applied to it during production. We accepted and now want to share it with you.

In the market for some new furniture? Lucky you! Here is your mission to accept when you start shopping. Look for well made pieces as they will last longer, are a good value for the dollar and less likely to end up in a landfill. Solid wood pieces such as walnut, teak, oak or maple are excellent choices with more wood joints and less wood glues that give off harmful gasses. Particleboard or MDF is made of compressed sawdust also held together by resins and glues which are not good for the environment or you. Look for fabrics made from renewable materials that are manufactured in an environmentally friendly process such as bamboo, organic wools and cottons. Their impact on the ecology is much less than other fabrics. Also consider what finishes are applied to your sofa fabrics. Flame retardants and stain repellants can be a risk to your health so be sure to ask about this.eco friendly 2rd paragraph pic (2)

Learn about low or zero VOC paints before your next painting project. They are standard latex paints that emit fewer harmful fumes into the ozone than regular paint and resist mildew and bacteria. Speaking of the ozone, natural latex that is used for mattresses and sofa cushions also does not emit fumes or ozone depleting gases. Two good choices that are available for your home right now!

Have you ever entered a newly carpeted room and been hit in the face by the odors from  it? That is a perfect example of off-gasses that can fill a room or whole home. The culprit carpeting is usually made from nylons or polyesters that have been treated with chemicals. Your mission here is to choose natural fibers such as wool, cotton, or jute. The natural fibers in these rugs are healthier for your home; reduce humidity and allergens in the air.

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