Your “Green” Home Check-Up

Increasing your home’s energy efficiency has a two-fold benefit for you. Doing so will save you money and help improve the performance of your home’s fixtures and appliances. Consistent efforts to improve energy efficiency will over time equal a big payoff. Check or upgrade your home’s windows. If it is time to replace windows, consider … Continue reading


9 Beautiful Ideas for the 9th Month

Sometimes the decorating bug bites and we want to make quick, easy changes that can shake things up a bit in our homes. As a bonus, these 9 ideas that do not involve picking up a paint brush or any other form of manual labor. We all like that. Bring in fresh flowers. This is … Continue reading

Beach rug

Living Room Design Inspired by the Rug

The deep corals and blues in the homeowner’s beautiful rug were the inspiration for this room’s interior design. The two colors compliment each other so well. The resulting design has created a cohesive style that beckons you to come in and sit down!  

Dog Lamp shade

The Art of Organization

It takes talent and training to be organized and stay that way! It can help create spaciousness in your living spaces. Here are some ideas from my e-book on organization. Store items near the place they will be used. It is very logical and convenient and will keep you organized. They will be always at … Continue reading

How to Pull It All Together

Have you gotten to that place yet? I have been there more times than I care to admit. Every one of us will come to that place of not knowing how to pull our interior decorating together in our homes. We may have good design furnishings in our homes but completing the look and the … Continue reading


Remember Me When Friends and Family Need Interior Design!

  A very important part of my design business is the referrals I receive from you, my clients. You already know me and the quality of work done here at Creatively Yours Custom. Rest assured that I will serve your referrals the same way. For  the referral that spends $900 or more with me, you will … Continue reading

a bright space pic

My Newly Revised Speech On Office Environment Productivity Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

    Your office environment has a direct affect on the productivity and attitudes of you and your employees. Whether you work out of a home office or are in a corporate structure, you’ve probably noticed that when things are in disarray, or they just don’t feel good, it is more difficult for you and … Continue reading

Decorating tools and materials

The 2015 Version of a Good Design Tip

One of my best design tips from years back has been updated for the 21st century. To help you figure out your design style, I have always told you to make a folder for pictures, fabric snips, paint chips and other design ideas that appeal to you. From your collection you would see a pattern … Continue reading


Thinking About Reupholstering?

I recently completed an upholstery job on 8 dining room chairs. The new fabric we used added more color to the room, changed the style from traditional to transitional and made such a big difference overall. Reupholstering a piece of furniture does all that plus helps coordinate the décor of a room. A dated, tired … Continue reading

colors with benefits 1st paragraph picture

August Newsletter Intro

It is a bittersweet time of the year for me. Back to school ads and cooler nighttime temperatures signal the arrival of fall and eventually winter. As we move indoors, our attention refocuses on the interior of our homes. Do we need to repaint the family room and get new furniture? How about new draperies … Continue reading


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