Speaker Sheet for Linda Hunt

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TOPIC:  Office Environment Productivity Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them


Your office environment has a direct affect on the productivity and attitudes of you and your employees if you have them.


Whether you work out of a home office or in a corporate structure, you’ve probably noticed that when things are in disarray, or they just don’t feel good, it’s more difficult for you and those around you to focus, produce quality work and get more accomplished.


Your office environment ultimately affects your bottom line and profits for the business owner and it affects your sales results if you are a sales professional.


During this presentation you’ll find out the specific things you can do to change your business environment and increase profit and productivity.

Attendees will learn:


  • The biggest mistakes that hamper productivity, lower office morale and decrease profits.
  • How to create a motivating and productive work environment.
  • Important office re energizing ideas.
  • How to get all of these environment changes done smoothly and without office disruption.


Linda Hunt Bio:


Linda Hunt is the owner and interior decorator of Creatively Yours Custom Inc. and the author of 7 e-books on interior design. She is known as the friendly, caring decorator. Linda works with individuals and businesses who want to experience “uniquely beautiful” interior design created with them in mind. She is a WFCP Specialist Certified interior designer with 25 years of experience working on residential design and is an active member of International Furnishings and Design Association. Custom window treatments and downsizing design have been her specialties for over 20 years. Linda has written a monthly interior design newspaper column and often been featured in Ava Living Designs Spotlight.  Get her Free design e-book “Homeowners Guide to Decorating” and monthly “Design Online” e-newsletter online at www.creativelyyourscustom.com



Call or email to book her today!


Phone: 804-746-0255





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