Oriental Rugs in Contemporary Decor Part 3

This is the last part of a guest post by Anna Nahman, Interior Designer and blogger from L’Essenziale Home Designs (linking to my blog) and we thank her for sharing her knowledge of rugs with us! It is nice to repeat colors of rug somewhere else in the room. For example, if primary colors of … Continue reading

Oriental Rugs in Contemporary Decor Part 2

Part 2 This post was written by guest contributor Anna Nahman, Interior Designer and blogger from L’Essenziale Home Designs (linking to my blog). 2) WEAVING TECHNIQUES All handmade rugs can be divided into pile weave and flat weave. Pile rugs generally look more luxurious and sophisticated and they require more care too. Flat weave rugs … Continue reading

Oriental Rugs in Contemporary Decor Part 1

This post was written by guest contributor Anna Nahman, Interior Designer and blogger from L’Essenziale Home Designs (linking to my blog). Handmade oriental rugs were never out of fashion and have been always associated with ultimate luxury and comfort. Lately they have experienced a real boom in home decor as interior designers started to use … Continue reading

Living Room Design Inspired by the Rug

The deep corals and blues in the homeowner’s beautiful rug were the inspiration for this room’s interior design. The two colors compliment each other so well. The resulting design has created a cohesive style that beckons you to come in and sit down!

Decorate Your Castle-International Design Chat

TUNE IN WED. 9/25 @7PM EST ON WWW.BLOGTALKRADIO.COM Want some insight into Interior Design in Russia? Then this show is for you. Anna Nahman, Interior Decorator from Caucasus in Yerevan, Armenia will be my guest on Blog Talk Radio to talk about Interior Decorating in Russia. Anna has travelled extensively and has a style that … Continue reading

International Design from Russia

Since traveling in Switzerland and Italy many years ago, I have been intrigued by interior decorating in other parts of the world. Today, I had the great pleasure of interviewing a Russian interior designer on my Blog Talk Radio Show. What Anna Nahman filled us in on made for a great show! You will definitely … Continue reading

New Interior Design Service for You

Check out what I have added to serve you better. It is a complete line on décor accessories, plants, dishwares, rugs and lots more! Plus they have plenty of great sales. The pumpkins above are $5.99 from $21.99 – WOW! It is so easy to shop and purchase online from the comfort of your home. … Continue reading

Want to Pull That 1950’s Look Together For Your Home?

I have had a lot of requests for that look often called “Mid-Century Modern”. My clients want that sleek look with exposed leg furniture and that clean look.Colors are a big part of that design. The furniture style works best with period paint. I found this great resource from Sherwin William’s Interior Color Preservation Palette. … Continue reading

Let’s Clear Up “Designer Misconceptions”

I know that there is this stereotypical image of designers out there that puts us in a negative light. There are a few less savory ones out there but I want to tell you how great it can be to have my design help to help you create the room of your dreams. I always … Continue reading

Get a New Style For Your Windows On Sale!

This is a brand new cornice board called “Low Profile”. Its unpadded construction gives it a signature slim and sleek look that will make a great impact on any interior space. The depth is 10″ and can be made with any fabric. Now they are on sale-just in time for your fall decorating. Save 20% … Continue reading