Living Room Design Inspired by the Rug

The deep corals and blues in the homeowner’s beautiful rug were the inspiration for this room’s interior design. The two colors compliment each other so well. The resulting design has created a cohesive style that beckons you to come in and sit down! Advertisements

Decorate Your Castle-Design Elements for the Outdoors CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE ON WEDNESDAY, 3/25 @7PM EST Katrina Ralston of Feeney Inc. is returning to talk to us about her company’s beautiful outdoor elements of railings, canopies and trellises. We will learn what is new, what will last and what will give your home’s exterior spaces that beautifully unique look. Feeney’s has … Continue reading

What’s Your Style? Could it be Arts and Crafts!!

Arts and Crafts style blends fine workmanship, craftsman and functional together. The design is straight lined and uses natural materials. Woodworked joints and handwork are very visible on this style. The Craftsman window framed in single panels is the most recognizable feature of this style. It started in England as a reaction against the production … Continue reading

What’s Your Style? Could it be Tuscan Design!

Tuscan decorating is inspired by the beauty of the Italian country side and the colors of this style speak of the country –  earth tones and warm rich colors such as olive green, umber and orange. A Tuscan home evokes a simple lifestyle. Look for the elements of stone, marble, stucco, terra cotta and wrought … Continue reading

Decorate Your Castle-Dig Into The Expansive World of Rug Design

CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19TH @7PM EST TO HEAR THE DISCUSS ON ORIENTAL RUGS WITH LINDA AND GUEST. Sally Hirsch of W. Hirsch Oriental Rugs in Richmond, VA will be my guest to delve into the world of rugs for your home. You will be amazed as I was at seeing … Continue reading

What’s Your Style? Could it be Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern came into existence in the post World War II days. New homes were being built quickly to keep up with demand and were usually 1 story with an open floor plan and clean simple lines. Furniture reflected this look with curves and shapes instead of busy details. They were design to be multipurpose … Continue reading

Decorate Your Castle – Smart Design for Decor and Staging CLICK ON THE ABOVE TONIGHT @7PM EST FOR LINDA’S DISCUSSION In this economy, you need to spend less on design and earn top dollar on your home sale. Megan Morris of Professional Staging, LLC, will show us how. Megan Morris, founder and CEO of MHM Professional Staging, Inc. and MHM Celebrity Style Events, is … Continue reading

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What’s your Style? Could it be Eclectic!

Eclectic design is achieved through mixing different types of pieces that are then put together in a purposeful mix to look coherent. It is not just a jumble of whatever catches your eye but rather is a style that only works when basic principles of design are understood and work together to create a unified … Continue reading