Decorate Your Castle-Banish the blahs with Ma Nature

TUNE IN WED. MARCH 27TH @7PM EST ON WWW.BLOGTALKRADIO.COM Out with the winter blues, in with the bright colors of spring. Linda will share some spring color schemes that will brighten up your home. And after a long winter, the cheery spring colors will lift up our spirits. Mother Nature will be along to defend … Continue reading

Take A Look At My Houzz

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A Special Request:I Would Like Your Input

Always forefront in my mind is to give you, my clients, the products and services that fill your interior design dreams and desires. In order to stay focused in that, I would like to pose the following questions to all of you: Are we, as a design community, aware of your design needs in 2013 … Continue reading

Good Things I Have Learned Recently

I garner a lot of information from reading trade magazines, taking notes during my radio shows and attending the annual Reverse Trade Show. My IFDA group holds this yearly event where vendors go table to table of designers to show their new wares and unique services. Here are some of my favorites: Ashton Harris of … Continue reading

Decorating Ideas with Greek Key Trim

Everybody loves Greek Key trim. I had this idea for the Home Show to use it on two pieces you would probably find in the great room of everybody’s home. It garnered a lot of attention from the Home Show attendees. Watch this short video for all the details. You will need a few yards … Continue reading

Is Traditional a Decorating Style?

I read an item in House Beautiful by Newell Turner, the Editor-in-Chief posing that same question. “Traditional” is not a style like Early American or Victorian and your formal as well as your casual rooms can be considered traditional. Turner says that a room that has been conceived and put together over time using tried … Continue reading

Richmond Home & Garden Show

Hi everybody! I just finished exhibiting at the Home and Garden Show. After seeing all the great home improvement ideas and products, it got me thinking about redesigning and redecorating for my own home. The showings ranged from beautiful stones and granites paired with high tech shiny appliances to the glass walled showers that I … Continue reading

Decorate Your Castle-Retro Appliances and Energy Savings

TUNE IN WED 3/20 @7PM EST ON WWW.BLOGTALKRADIO.COM FOR Retro? Contemporary? Modern? You decide! Elmira Stove Works creates retro design appliances, that includes microwaves and dishwashers, in colors and styles that remind you of your childhood. They are committed to maintaining authenticity and craftsmanship, combining state of the art performance and 19th century charm. Tony … Continue reading

Decorating Ideas with Greek Key Trim

Everybody loves Key Trim. See how you can use it for your own home. It’s a great decorating idea.