My Go-To Paint Colors

In my designer bag of tricks, there are piles of paint chips in my 2 favorite colors that never fail to please my clients and their families.


First up is Sherwin Williams Inviting Ivory (SW637). It is a fresh and warm color that welcomes everyone with its sunny disposition that is not too gold or too yellow. It can be used all over the house when you want to get away from white but not jump in too deep to color.

Next color is also from Sherwin Williams: Hubbard Squash (SW0044) from their Historic Paint Colors Collection. Here you will be making a stronger commitment to a softly golden tone that pairs well with rich colors like reds and greens. It is a golden way to draw you in and say welcome. You will love the warmth this color exudes.

Look, I want to help you select the color scheme for your home. It is so meaningful and I enjoy the discovery of giving your rooms the colors they are calling for.

Let’s plan to do yours real soon because paint and colors are also great ways to get your rooms redesign started!


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