Mission Possible – Eco Friendly Interior Designing

It is the responsibility of all of us to do our part to help preserve our environment and restore Mother Earth to good health. It is not a ‘mission impossible’ and we all need to step up and accept the challenge. Let’s s reduce our carbon footprint in our homes and offices. How we decorate, … Continue reading

So What’s New With You?

We all ask that same question when we run into friends and acquaintances in the neighborhood. It is the question that keeps us current with the lives of the people we know and love. Well, I get asked the same question about upcoming interior design trends. And you know how I get; I just love … Continue reading

Give Green a Chance

There are a lot of budget friendly and earth friendly things you can do in your everyday life. Here are a few thoughts to get you started: Use low – VOC paints. They give off considerably less fumes and are less toxic to the environment. Think of it as making a better choice and not … Continue reading

Eco-Friendly Interior Decorating

 Are you up for a challenge?  Should you decide to accept, you will find it is not a “Mission Impossible”. The challenge is to be ecologically responsible citizens of Earth. Here at Creatively Yours Custom we have stepped up to the challenge and have taken steps to become environmentally conscious and reduce our carbon footprint. … Continue reading

The Color of the World’s Mood

Pantone calls it the Color of the Year- Emerald Green, Robert Allen Group calls it Viridian and the Paris Home Decor exhibited it as Olive Green. What all these color names have in common is that they are all shades of green. Robert Allen Group recapped the history of viridian and all the moods it … Continue reading

If You Really Want the “Beautifully Unique”

I have just the ticket for you! And you will be  “green” also. Repurpose aged building materials. I guarantee you will have a one-of -a kind look. I can explain this idea best by example. Over the weekend I visited the New Kent Winery in Virginia. What a delight! Many of the materials used in … Continue reading