Want to Learn Feng Shui for Your Home?

People talk about it all the time – what the heck it is? Here you go – your primer with a brief and elementary explanation of the five principles of feng shui.

The five elements of feng shui are water, earth, metal, fire and wood. Water affects spirituality and all emotions. To add water to a room use any deep tone of color including black, and add fountains and aquariums. Earth generates feelings of being grounded and stable. Use earth tone colors, images of landscape and square or rectangular shapes. The element metal affects mental clarity and logic. It can be found in gray, silver and pastel colors, round or oval shapes and anything made of metal or rock. Fire increases enthusiasm and leadership skills. The use of red and animal prints can represent this element along with the use of candles, fireplaces and even electronic equipment. The final element of wood is supposed to harness creativity and expansion while representing strength and intuition.

Too much of any of the above elements leads to an unbalanced state. Too little can create chaos and feeling out of focus.

It takes decades to become a true feng shui expert. Let’s work together to use it correctly in your rooms.

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