Discovering My True Colors

Remember in a previous post where I mentioned that you should look in your closet to come up with colors that you would love for your home? Well, I did that very thing myself and , as I suspected, pink was the most color in my closet. In the 2nd part of this video you will … Continue reading

This Lady Ages Well

These georgeous swags were made for my client in 1993- almost 20 years ago. I put new shades in them last week-Silhouettes. They still look beautiful after all this time. That is the beauty of investing your decorating dollars into a  well-made, timeless look that is still in style after all this time. Do we … Continue reading

The Kitchen of Old

In “A Short History of Private Life”, author Bill Bryson teaches us about the start of the kitchen and the scullery and larder that went along with it. There was great warmth to be had in the kitchen with its large fireplaces and later wood or coal stoves. Many would gather there in the evening … Continue reading

Need a Speaker for Your Next Event!

I am now available to be booked as a speaker on business topics and well as ones on design. Contact us if you would like a copy of my speaker sheet for your group’s event planner. Click HERE for to request more details.

Flower Lover

I am a flower lover from way back. I enjoy them so much that I took up botanical painting and try my hand at different garden beauties in my spare time.The “silver lining” of this rainy month is that our hydrangeas are so showy with their beautiful rich blue color.I hope my pomegranate bush will … Continue reading

Home Decor Colors You Will Love

The number one question clients ask me is how to use color in their homes and offices. It is such an important element in home design and everyone, including me, want to get it rigjht. My family can tell you the saga of how long it took me to pick the right yellow for my … Continue reading

Why Do Our Homes Have Halls?

Did you ever wonder where the rooms in our homes originated? Well I was curious and found Bill Bryson’s book “At Home- A Short History of Private Life” and have started to read through it. It covers every room that came into existence and today I am writing about the hall. I am only part … Continue reading

Taking On A Tall Design Challenge

A 2 story wall of windows and doors can be a beautiful feature and a design dilemma all at the same time! Throw in the need for sun control and the fact that one of the glass segments is a functional door and the plot thickens. My job was to warm up the room, not block … Continue reading