A Lighting Primer for Chandeliers and Pendants

I am a firm believer that getting the lighting just right is important to good design. I am often asked about the right size and how high to hang chandeliers and ceiling pendants. These guidelines listed below will answer your chandelier and pendant mounting questions.
  1. Light width over a table or kitchen island should be 10-15″ less than table width and should hang about 34″ above the surface for a standard ceiling of 8 feet, gradually increasing  in height for 9′ or 10′ ceilings.
  2. For large tables and islands, hang 2 large size fixtures or 3 medium fixtures.
  3. Smaller tables or kitchen islands require 1 large fixture or 2 medium size ones.
  4. For good lighting over a sink, hang the pendant about 31″ above the sink.
  5. Foyer lighting fixtures should hang approximately 7′ above the floor. At this height, people will not hit their heads on it.
I can help you with lighting needs for all of your living spaces. Call me at 804-746-0255 or email me HERE to help light up your home!

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