Decorate Your Castle-De-clutter, Define then Decorate

Click on the link below to listen to a pod cast of Linda Hunt speaking with Jill Erwin, of Just Jill Erwin Interiors. We are excited to have on this weeks show an expert in organization, de-cluttering and decorating. Jill Erwin, of Just Jill Erwin Interiors, will be here to talk about ways to jumpstart your … Continue reading

Now Is The Best Time To Buy Custom!

I am glad to be able to offer this special discount to thank all my wonderful clients, family, and friends for their support and patronage this past year. From now until January 31st 2015, I invite you to let me help you with your interior design and window treatments and take 20% off the price of any one … Continue reading

Are Celebrities Really Able to Design a Furniture Line?

Another one debuted this week- a furniture line at a national chain furniture store by a Hollywood star who speaks with an accent-no names here. I mean- really?? There are many talented designers who have been educated in the field, have years of experience and a strong flair for design. When they develop a furniture/home … Continue reading

The 3 Top Obstacles to Your Room Decorating

I hear it all the time-” Linda, I am stuck on how to finish my decorating and pull these rooms together. I need your help”. This problem creates lots of anxiety and unfinished rooms as people struggle with resolving this. If this sounds like you, read on for some relief. Listen to this short video … Continue reading

The Bold Design Possibilities with Black And White

My main bathroom has been slowly evolving from a tame floral room to a one with the graphic punch of black and white. Check out the diamond wallpaper on the upper halves of walls. I went with my gut, got bold and now am seeing an upscale, chic bathroom emerge! The white monogrammed shower curtain … Continue reading

Time to Bust the Myth About Interior Designers

I cannot tell you the number of times prospective clients have stated the often repeated myths about interior design and designers. You know what they are- it is too expensive, designs that are not for them, etc. Well let’s dispel all of those myths right now. Any good decorator worth her salt is very, very … Continue reading

Look Before You Leap and Interview a Designer Before Hiring

As an interior designer, I always want my clients to know about me, my credentials, insurance etc. so that they can trust me with their home design. In my free design e-book “Guide to Decorating” I include a section on questions to ask before hiring a decorator. Here is an excerpt from that: “4. Do … Continue reading

Get Paid For Working Your Interior Design Passion

We are all addicted to interiors and their design and decorating- that is why I write this blog and why you read it. For me, interior design hs the best job I will ever have that does not feel like a job!! How about you? Want to investigate for free the possibilities of running your … Continue reading

Are We Giving You What You Want?

This is so important. It is the reason we are in business- to give our clients top notch interior design service that is actually answering their wants and needs. Are you getting what you need from us? I would really love to take your comments and suggestions on this topic-what do you need from your … Continue reading

Big Savings For Your Windows and Floors

Do you need new window treatments and new rugs? Do you know you can get both things on sale now? Get your fresh look without waiting, Hunter Douglas Duette shades are 10% off until February 28th, 2013. These are the beautiful double or triple honeycomb shades that are energy savers to boot. That in itself … Continue reading