How About A New Color Technique?

Designers and painters are already using this color idea. It is called “ombre” and can be used in any design.  Ombre is a color scheme that progresses from a lighter to a darker color shade of the same color family from a paint sample card. You can apply it in 3 horizontal stripes on a … Continue reading

Fireside Chat #2

Stop Procrastinating and Start Decorating

Stop Procrastinating and Start Decorating Are you in a state of overwhelm and not knowing how to start your home decorating? Do you just keep putting it off? I have seen it all and am here to say you do not have to be stuck anymore. I have the way to help you get started. … Continue reading

Healthy Downsizing – A Positive Life Change for You

Downsizing is another one of life’s happy transitions, such as getting married and graduating college, and should be celebrated as such. I love helping people with the “outside” of downsizing-design-with beauty, safety and comfort so they can live the life they want on their own terms.

Formal Room Designs By Creatively Yours Custom Inc.

The designs of this living room, foyer and dining room were created to add an air of formality, sparkle and elegance for the homeowner. It is so inviting and as the owner states,” I come in the door and cannot believe I live here now!”

What’s Your Style? Could it be Old World Design!

Old World design is comfortable, generations – old and very elegant. It is a centuries old estate home with aging plaster, heavy dark furniture and aged colors. Look for large architectural elements like ceiling beams, marble floors and large stone fireplaces. The rooms are often furnished in heavy jacquard fabrics with plenty of trims and … Continue reading

Decorate Your Castle – Smart Design for Decor and Staging CLICK ON THE ABOVE TONIGHT @7PM EST FOR LINDA’S DISCUSSION In this economy, you need to spend less on design and earn top dollar on your home sale. Megan Morris of Professional Staging, LLC, will show us how. Megan Morris, founder and CEO of MHM Professional Staging, Inc. and MHM Celebrity Style Events, is … Continue reading

Get to Know Creatively Yours Custom Interior Design Part VII CLICK  ON THE ABOVE LINK TO SEE LINDA IN ACTION! YOU’II LEARN MORE ABOUT THE BUSINESS. Our White Glove Service. Come on into Creatively Yours Custom and let me show you how a designer treats a VIP Client.

Decorator Fireside Chat #3-Ideas for Mirrors Does your room need more light? Bounce some light around your room and keep it bright and cheery with mirrors. They can do wonderful things for your home decor and enhance the lighting in your rooms.

Get to Know Creatively Yours Custom Interior Design Part VI Come on into Creatively Yours Custom and let me give you the inside information on how to have a successful design so your are comfortable with the process. Learn how I would work with you to give you my best!