Not your favorite color to use for your interiors? Maybe I can change your mind here!

We often think of red as the color of risk and excitement, and we typically think those who like the color red are people who “live on the edge”. “That would not be us” we claim in protest! Most people don’t realize it, but those who are drawn to true red (the pure hue with no added undertones) tend to be very practical people who are on the conservative side in terms of their values and work ethics. They also tend to be driven towards results. People who love red are often hard workers who like to be in control of their environment, and they often have a natural tendency towards leadership or knowing exactly what they want to achieve! That sounds like the lot of us. Still, we resist using that color.valentine-box-1316572
What about those who do not particularly like the color red? Can it still have a place in their lives and home interiors? YES! Our brains get in gear around the color red. Adding red to your interiors and your life can help you in a number of ways. To begin with, red will help you to be more direct and to speak up when you need to. It will also help you to be more practical and in control. It is the color of power and confidence! Best of all, being exposed to red will cause you to embrace change and even initiate it, since red is a very directive color.

Start with small steps – red candles, throw pillows, flowers in a vase or on a wreath – you get the idea. See from there what it does for you and your home.



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