Adorable Animal Décor

There he was at the animal shelter and you fell in love at first sight. He was the one for you! Pets are endearing and charm their way into your heart. Be it a chihuahua, a calico cat or a canary; celebrate them in your home décor. Animal design themes can be whimsical or traditional- appealing to boys and girls both young and old. There is something for everyone and every home. Are you game? Let’s look at some animal ideas for your décor!

The human members of your family all have their portraits hanging in your home’s ‘Hall of Fame’. Add pictures of the furry member of your family to make a classy, chic statement. Pictures with animals have been around for a long time. Civil War generals and their horses and nursery rhyme images of the cow jumping over the moon are just a few examples of animal art that has been portrayed over the years.  Artists can paint a traditional, true to life portrait or a colorful graphic rendition from a photo of your pet. How about a picture with both you and your dog posing together? Good idea-right?  So go grab your camera and create some fun for your home décor!my-teddy-bear-1307791

Animal themes have not been lost on interior design houses. Many fabric mills and home décor shops have been showing animals in their fashions for a long time. Toucans, monkeys and elephants have been featured on draperies and bedspreads for over 25 years. Hunt scene fabrics showing hounds and horses are still current and will always be a part of interior design. Leopard and zebra print rugs and fabrics add flair and spice up your rooms. Material for a child’s room often depicts fairy tales and whimsical animal characters. Test out a zebra print throw pillow or two for your family room and see for yourself.

This fun design theme is blossoming out beyond artwork and fabric into all aspects of home décor. The dachshund pattern on Kate Spade’s Wickford dinnerware in white, blue and green is a delightful way to set your table for dinner. Use cobalt blue placemats to accent the dinnerware and create a splash of color for your lunch guests. Other animals can be added into most decors for an interesting look. Playful monkeys form the bases for trays and candy dishes and lion heads are often used as embellishment for wood chairs and tables. It is a welcome fit for almost any décor.

Whether you want to try an animal theme for your home or not, it is definitely a good idea to get professional design consultation to get started on the right foot for a home décor that you will love. The Shadey Ladies can provide you with a foundation that will serve your design style for years to come. Call them today and find out how they can help you!


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