I was walking my dog one night last week and noticed that many of my neighbors have put up their tree. It is a sight that I just love – the twinkling tree visible through the window. I guess that means it is time for me to get out my holiday decorations and perform the annual ritual of adorning my house from head to toe. Over the years I have developed a “method to the madness” of decorating my home. I thought I might share some of my thoughts on this subject with you and inspire you to create your own version of the “method”!

Start with the biggest part – the tree. If you have a pre-lit, skip ahead to the next step of tree decorating. You can never have too many lights. Ten strands of 100 lights for a 7 foot tree is a good guideline. Work from the inside of the tree to the outside wrapping lights to the tip of each branch. Sounds like a lot of work – but your tree will shine. Put the topper on next. It needs to be eye-catching as most people tend to look up at the tree top first. It will give you a better feel for how to proceed with the rest of the tree. Garland would come next if you want to add it to the tree. It adds color and texture in an unexpected way. Start at the top and go horizontally leaving enough slack to make the garland swag as it goes across. Drop down for the next row on the back of the tree. Add your ornaments next. As a guide, consider basic ball ornaments as fillers and use 10-20 per 3 feet of your tree. Larger ones should be put toward the back near a light so they will glow from deep inside. Your favorite ornaments should hang in a visible spot and on the outer tips of the outermost branches. Ornaments show off the best when suspended from a branch. The same rule 10-20 per 3 feet of tree applies.christmas-tree-1443615

Many of you have collections of angels or Santas that you put out during the holidays. Select 2-3 places in your home to set up your displays. It could be the dining room table, the mantel, or a side table. Remember the “less is more” rule and just display a few pieces in each grouping. Add some greenery and a pretty holiday mat under it all and you are set.

I like to dress up the outside of my home with lots of simple wreathes with big red bows. It is a Christmas tradition and gives a welcoming, homey look to visitors. Since it is on the outside of the house, the bigger wreathes look more proportionally correct.

Homes with lots of outdoor lights look really great too. To me, it says the person who did all that decorating on the outside, loves Christmas as much as I do.

Happy holidays everyone!



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