christmas-tree-1443615Even the décor challenged among us can have a beautiful tree! So put on some Christmas music and join the fun with the maids-a-milking.

Put the tree topper up before the ornaments. It helps to dictate placement and balance for your ornaments and garland on the rest of the tree.

  • Trees require lots of lights! Typically, a 7’ tree takes 10 strands of 100 lights. Weave the lights in each main branch from the back to the tip and back again to the trunk.
  • Nestle the larger shiny glass balls deeper into the tree. They will pick up the brilliance from the light bulbs and bounce it around beautifully.
  • Vermont Country sells the thicker, shinier tinsel that was around when I was a child. We all have photos of Christmases past that show how lovely that tinsel was on those vintage trees. It is once again available for us and best of all – it is reusable keeping it out of the landfills.




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