This holiday, why not help the Earth by reusing and recycling where you can and giving gifts that are eco-responsible? Here are 4 great tips:

  1. Gifts that are non-consumable are always valued and appreciated. Wrap up a gift card to the local movie theatre or a couple of tickets to a play or concert.
  2. Give naturally! All-natural, hand-made, and organic lotions, soaps, sugar scrubs, and toiletries are the rage right now, and they make the recipient feel very special and pampered.
  3. Use holiday gift wrapping paper and gift bags that are made from recycled materials to wrap presents. Decorate recycled brown paper with sequins, leaves or raffia to use as gift wrap. christmas-cookies-1-1325236
  4. Handmade and gifts from the heart suggest a thoughtful giver. Such gifts are often the most treasured. A personalized CD from your archive of favorite photos, a basket of fruit, or fresh baked bread or cookies are especially meaningful.

Use your imagination to come up with other Earth-friendly ways to celebrate this holiday.


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