Design Your Best Holiday yet!

How would you like to be the hostess with the mostest this year? Your role for these holiday events should not include the duties of caterer and logistics expert.   Let’s not throw our dream of a wonderful holiday out the window when our guests come in the front door. My design focus today is on your festivities, your guests and your enjoyment.

Whatever the size of the crowd gathering around your Thanksgiving table, you will need plenty of chairs. Press into service other chairs from around your home. The days of needing them all to match has passed! Get a coordinated look for all the chairs at your table by wrapping festive ribbon or pine boughs on the seat backs. Small grapevine wreaths can also be tied to the chair backs and just like that your holiday table is pulled together!thanksgiving-table-1443940

After hours of cooking and preparation, you have lots of bowls and serving platters filled with all those delectable goodies. But, putting them on the table does not leave room for your guests and the centerpiece. Instead, place the food on a sideboard or countertop and let guests fill up their plates buffet style before being seated. Decorate the area with some fruit, nuts and silver candlesticks to make it really special. Designate a table in an adjoining room for the drinks. Stock it with glassware, ice and soft drinks. Your guests will appreciate having refreshments available without having to be in your food prep area. Okay, one more setup and you will be ready. Create an area to hold all those mouthwatering desserts till dinner is over. A few fancy touches such as pretty candles will give a soft glow. Have dessert plates nearby.

Once the bird is in the oven, go into the family room where everyone is gathering to watch the big game. All your guests already have something to drink, so now let’s make them comfortable. Big floor pillows offer extra seating around the room for watching television. Have plenty of coasters around for the drinks so you do not have to worry about that. To keep younger guests amused, have board games, kid movies and video games set up in another room. Go ahead and kick back for a while and cheer on your favorite team. You have things well in hand by now!

If your guests will be staying overnight, you will need to provide comfortable sleeping arrangements for them. No guest room? No problem! Your child’s bedroom works very nicely as guest quarters and it can be an adventure for your little ones to “set up camp” in the family room for the night. Make sure the room is stocked with plenty of towels, extra blankets and fluffy pillows. Magazines and sample size toiletries on the bedside table offer the comforts of home to your guests. Bottled water and warm cookies in the guest room are extra special touches.

Then, go ahead and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

It is my sincere wish that you and your loved ones enjoy the upcoming holiday season – it is all good and of course –local!

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