Ready or not, here comes the busiest time of the year. We do so much to get ready for the holidays that we forget to exhale until the first of January!  My favorite phrase this time of year is “so much to do and so little time”. We are in high gear as we cook, clean, shop, decorate, and wrap. I am going to give you a little relief from the holiday “to do” list. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Let me help you make this your best holiday ever.

First thing I want you to do is take a relaxing walk in the woods. Be on the lookout for things of nature that can be used for your decorations. Vines, seed pods, berries, magnolia leaves and pine cones are all good finds. If it has possibilities and is legal to take from the woods or gardens, then go for it. Let your creative spirit rule as you ponder pieces to use in your decorations. Now I will get you started on what to do with the goodies you gathered on that nice walk.turkey-day-candle-1523842

This time of year there are lots of dried vines and reeds around. They make nice wreathes. Soak them in a bucket of water as needed to make them pliable for bending into a circle. Then braid or weave them together and shape into a circle. Use florist wire to join the ends of your weave. Adorn with pieces of juniper, cypress or boxwood. For another wreath idea, take pine cones and glue them to a wood circle. Spray paint them an ivory color and accent with a gold ribbon. It is so lovely.

Your woodland gatherings can easily become a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. Start with a pedestal dish and fill with berries, nuts, seed pods and fruit. Be sure not to make it so tall that dinner guests cannot see around it. Holly and nandina berries can add a great pop of color for these centerpieces. Pears and apples look good too.

While you are in your crafty mood, wire together some juniper or pine boughs to create natural garland. Drape it over a doorway or on a buffet table or mantel. This is the real beauty of holiday decorating and it is nicely fragrant.

I could go on and on with one idea after the other. Holiday decorating is a passion of mine that I have transformed into another aspect of my design services. We decorate your home for you. We can use your decorations or get new ones. We work hourly or can do a value based flat rate. Here is what this service does for you: frees up your time so you can enjoy the holiday, eliminates some stress for you and may show you a fresh look for the decorations in your home. Call to reserve your spot soon for this special service.

I wish you all a blessed and bountiful Thanksgiving with family and friends.



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