Children’s’ Bedroom Designs You Both Will Love

Kid room design is easier than you think and a whole lot of fun to do! The best room for kids room photo paragraph 3 sleep storage - Copykids provides a place to sleep, study and store toys.and is stamped with their own personal style. Many children when asked have very specific ideas on how they would like their room to look. The ideas often include themes of their favorite superheroes and storybook characters. A good place to start is with a theme and a color scheme. Follow through with the colors and accessories associated with that theme for an easy design. Little girl rooms could be ballerina themed with an explosion of pink and green colors. Add lots of shelves to house their trinkets and tiaras. For the budding pirate in your family, paint the walls in a nautical blue and add sea décor to make them feel like they are asleep in their ‘boat’ on the open sea.

Every kid needs a dedicated study space for their school work. Make it roomy enough for all necessary school supplies and a computer. The surface should be durable and washable to keep up with all their art projects. Keep it free from toys and such to lessen the distraction during study time. Use lots of color to paint the desk, chair and drawers. It makes the pieces fun as well as functional. Play around with adding stripes and flowers to the furniture to enhance the whimsical look in their rooms. Kids spend a lot of time in their rooms doing school work and playing and need the proper lighting to allow for all of that. Purchase bright and functional lamps to properly light their spaces.

The key to helping them keep their room more organized is storage, and lots of it. Use a combination of drawers, shelves and closets to accommodate all kinds of things in your child’s possession. A lot of furniture for children’s rooms can be adapted for different purposes depending on the age of the child. It can grow with them. Those types of pieces are wise purchases. Remember that the height of storage pieces is very important. They will not put things away on shelves they cannot reach. Select furniture items that can grow with your children. Chest of drawers can serve as an infant’s changing table and later converted to storage for toys or clothing when the kids get older. Be sure to anchor any furniture pieces that can topple over and cause injury.

The Shadey Ladies have worked on creating designs for kids’ rooms that range from whimsical fantasy to wild zoo animals and everything in between. They know children are clients also- only they are pint sized. However the design the Shadey Ladies will deliver for them is definitely full-grown. Here’s to happy kids – sweet dreams!



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