A Redesign That Says “Welcome Home”

Have you ever seen a TV makeover show? If so, then you likely have heard remarked “I hardly recognized this room!”. Television may not be real life, but the makeovers really do make a big difference in the home.

I recently completed a redesign on a home in Fredericksburg Virginia for a lovely couple that shows that exact point. We designed a few new pieces for their home but the majority of the design involved working with their nice furnishings and art.

Sometimes, it takes a designer’s eye to approach the decor from a different and sometimes delightfully surprising point of view. That is exactly what happened with this project. I love reconfiguring wall art for my clients so they can see them in a whole new light.
Are you ready for a redesign? The holidays are coming and I would love to delight you with a makeover using your own furnishings. It is a fun way to freshen up your home for fall!
Try it out. Let’s meet and do a redesign for just one room in your home now and more later.
Get your appointment for the holidays now, call 804-746-0255 or email me linda@creativelyyourscustom.com.

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