Here is one more awareness campaign that has been added to the month of October. This one is very important to me and has been promoted for years by the Window Covering Safety Council. To put it short and sweet-children and window cords do not mix! Window products with cords present dangers that should not be ignored, especially in homes with children. The statistics from window cord accidents are tragic and chilling. Over two hundred infants and children have died from window cord incidents since 1990. Even one child’s death from this is one too many. For the fourth year in a row, I am working to bring these dangers to light and outline steps you can take to safeguard your youngsters.soldier-and-child-1550984

In mere seconds a youngster can strangle on window cords within their reach. Since cribs are often placed by windows, it is all too easy for a baby to grasp a dangling cord and roll over wrapping it around its neck. Toddlers and young children have boundless energy and love to explore as all us tired parents are well aware of! This too can lead to accidental tangling in window cords. There are lots of things right at your fingertips to help you create a safe home environment.

The Window Covering Safety Council strongly recommends only using cordless window treatment products in young children’s sleeping areas. These cordless window treatments are designed to operate by a remote or spring-loaded lift systems to replace the cords thus eliminating the tangling danger. Safety tags are attached to all window treatments on the market now to warn of the cord dangers and list precautions for purchasers.

All pre-2001 blinds, shades and rods in children’s rooms should be replaced immediately with today’s safer products. Doing this also gets rid of the lead dust danger prevalent in older vinyl mini blinds.

Youngsters like to explore their bedrooms and play areas. Move all their cribs and furniture to windowless walls whenever possible.

Now is a good time to conduct a safety check of your own home. Make sure all window cords are out of children’s reach by keeping them wrapped around a cord cleat that is mounted up high or attaching them to a pulley. Find out how to change the cord loops that are present on some treatments into two separate cords.

Today’s safer window treatment products meet child safety standards and are a very wise buy.

Learn what you should and do what you can. Let’s make our “home sweet home” a safe haven for our families.


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