Rev Up Your Home’s Colors

So you went out and bought the paint for your family room thinking it will turn out as beautiful as it looked in the magazine picture. How did that work out? The shade looked right, but did you feel like something was missing? Well, it turns out that you are right. Colors can create moods, feelings and warmth in your rooms. But, you have to breathe life into your colors and make them pop. I have 2 neat tricks in my magic bag that will help.

Textures, both smooth and rough, are a huge boost to colors. The texture of an item gives depth to its color. Pair the smooth texture of a black leather ottoman with the rough texture of an ivory basket weave sofa and see the colors come alive. A white matte finish refrigerator is not very appealing and yet use the same color in a high gloss finish and it looks great. Knots and grains give life to the tans and browns of wood. Look around your home at certain colors and see what different textures do for them.Decorating tools and materials

Be bold and mix different textures in the same room. Rough, shiny and smooth surfaces can be used together for a good contrast. Get your feet wet with something easy to do. Put some corduroy pillows on a smooth sofa. Hang a mirror on textured walls. Balance your textures as you do your colors and you can work magic on your rooms.

Light is the other important design element in your rooms. I always tell my clients that I want to work with them on colors and fabrics in the daytime when there is plenty of natural light. It is the truest light to work with. Even paint chips viewed under the lights of the store are not going to be really true and you could end up unhappy with the color when it is put on your walls. Repainting a color mistake can be costly and time consuming. I hate that! So I will study my color choices in the daylight and in the evening to see if I still love it before I commit to it. My husband-aka “my painter”-is also glad that I choose my paint colors carefully! Light can be a powerful influence on color in a room. Light-filled rooms look great with deeper colors of paint. Rooms on the shady side of your home will warm up with creams and sunny yellows. I always recommend considering the “light” source when you make your color choices. Rethink so you don’t repaint!

So, here is your recipe – 1 part color, 1 part texture and 1 part light. Mix them together well. Yield: 1 great room. Enjoy!





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