So often when designing our interior spaces, the choices in styles, colors, fabrics, and furnishings are geared towards the woman of the home. man cave article paragraph 1

Men often feel pampered and comfortable in spaces that are linked in some way to their interests or hobbies. Some people call this using a “theme”.

Working with a theme offers a great starting place. Choose the theme elements carefully and deliberately so as not to go overboard with the interpretation of the theme in his space.

Use the “feeling” and “sense” of the theme without being too obvious. Don’t repeat a theme everywhere. Just use subtle cues. Here’s how:

Let’s say for example that your husband (or dad) loves to refurbish old cars. One way to work with this hobby design would be to place within the space a major accent piece related to old cars. This could be an attractive and well-made model car on a stand, or a beautifully framed picture of a classic car.

You would then take design cues for the color and texture of the rest of the room from this major accent piece. If for example, the framed art had beige, blue, and red as the main colors, use those colors elsewhere in the room. You could paint the walls in the space a deeper version of the beige. Add a sofa upholstered in a neutral brown or beige. Leather works so beautifully in masculine spaces. You could also place a dark blue or red accent chair in the space, again picking up the colors from the picture. The key to great seating in a man’s space is comfort over beauty (although you CAN and should have both).

Next, and use various hues of the beiges, blues, and reds from the picture as throw pillows for the sofa. This adds pattern, texture, and warmth to a room cooled by leather.

Finally, add one or two accessory pieces based on the hobby or object of interest without going overboard. For instance, you could place a book of cars on the coffee table and a collection of 2 or three small cars on a shelf. You will get the “flavor” of the owner’s interest without feeling like you are in a museum!



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