Your “Green” Home Check-Up

Increasing yoonsite 1ur home’s energy efficiency has a two-fold benefit for you. Doing so will save you money and help improve the performance of your home’s fixtures and appliances. Consistent efforts to improve energy efficiency will over time equal a big payoff.

Check or upgrade your home’s windows. If it is time to replace windows, consider Energy Star-rated replacements. On older windows, be sure you have proper storm windows and weather stripping.

Improve your home’s insulation. Increase your comfort level through blown-in insulation in areas that are not insulated. Make sure to get a professional to do the installation for you. Insulation choices are foam, cellulose or fiberglass.

CFL’( compact fluorescent lamps) are the modern way to light! They cost about 1/3 of what an incandescent bulb will cost you overall. This is an easy first step to going green!

Check your furnace filters once a month for accumulation of dirt and dust. This is the one I always forget about! If your furnace is nearing 20 years old, it may be time to switch to a higher efficiency system. A condensing furnace will save substantially on fuel costs. Check out for more information.

Help keep your cool this summer!



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