9 Beautiful Ideas for the 9th Month

Sometimes the decorating bug bites and we want to make quick, easy changes that can shake things up a bit in our homes. As a bonus, these 9 ideas that do not involve picking up a paint brush or any other form of manual labor. We all like that.

  1. Bring in fresh flowers. This is so simple yet it can have a powerful punch. Many retail locations now offer pretty bouquets at a very reasonable cost. Your home will feel fresh and welcoming to your guests and your family.
  2. Create some spaciousness in your small spaces by replacing bulky wood tables with open, glass-top styles. They are available as dining tables and coffee tables.
  3. Get a new lamp. Newer styles range from some that have attractive sculptures as their base to those that have clear vases that you can fill with different elements to create just the right mood for your rooms.
  4. Show your flair just a little! Use that color or fabric you have been wanting to display in a small way such as a throw pillow or a small chair. You will get the punch of pattern and color that will work fine with your existing décor.
  5. Add a little fun to any conversation area with the addition of a super fluffy shag rug in either a bold color or a soft creamy color. It adds the unexpected touch.
  6. For a quick side table, use a luggage rack. There are so many styles to fit any décor. Top with a tray or your favorite book collection.
  7. Perk up a guest or master bathroom. Display a selection of high quality hand towels rolled up and placed inside a reed basket or wooden bowl set on the countertop. Add a decorative trim or tassel fringe to the bottom of a readymade shower curtain to get a custom look.
  8. Move a decorative display or collection in your home to a different room than where you now have it. Add a beautiful placemat or a metallic charger plate under the display. It will seem brand new to you.
  9. Replace the top screws on your lampshades with a decorative finial. They are available in cut glass, metallic designs and marble finials. It is a nice touch to freshen the look of the lighting in your homes.

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