The Art of Organization

It takes talent and training to be organized and stay that way! It can help create spaciousness in your living spaces. Here are some ideas from my e-book on organization.

Store items near the place they will be used. It is very logical and convenient and will keep you organized. They will be always at hand ready for you to use. Clean up afterwards is a breeze. It eliminates things left lying around when you are done with them. Also, you will always know where those related items are! As an example, have a camera bag that will store spare batteries, cords and film in addition to the camera.2-blue-familyroom-1007_xlg-45025875

This next organization tip is actually a standard principle of decorating. When you look at a forest full of trees, it is not easy to focus on one of the trees, as there are just too many. The same applies to decorating and organizing. If you have collectibles that you want to display, using only a few well-chosen pieces allows them to show off beautifully. They will be noticed for their individual uniqueness and beauty and not be overshadowed by a crowded display. It makes a bigger impact. Having a few good pieces is great for staying organized. Keep the quantity of your collectibles low for easy care and big impact!



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