How to Pull It All Together

Have you gotten to that place yet? I have been there more times than I care to admit. Every one of us will come to that place of not knowing how to pull our interior decorating together in our homes. We may have good design furnishings in our homes but completing the look and the flow of colors can be a challenge. I hear from many of my clients that they too are stuck and cannot bring their interior decorating together. But why does that happen? Are there some quick coordinating tips to help pull a look together? Oh yes, and I have lots of experience completing interior designs for my clients so they live happily ever after in their homes!

”Know your style.” Do you like traditional furnishings? Or is that too old fashioned for you and the latest up to date style is more you? What pieces do you already have that you love? Pay close attention to home décor items that you really like in magazines or in furniture stores. All of these things will lead you to discover your design style. Then you will have sufficient information to work on decorating your room. When you get stuck and cannot decide what else a room may need to complete it, let your newly discovered style sense guide your choices. It is a big help and keeps you on track.

“Analyze your colors.” Colors set a mood, create atmosphere and can totally influence the décor of a room. Whether your walls are painted with a lot of color or you have it in small doses with throw pillows, it is very important. Do you have a color scheme? Do you use your colors when considering the design elements of your room? You will not believe how much easier it is to decorate when you consider the colors involved.

Consider the accessories in your room. They need to coordinate and compliment the overall interior decoration of your room and are part of the whole picture.

“Acquire the power of observation.” There is another great tool I suggest to my clients and I encourage you to try it also. Sit in your room for awhile without any distractions and write down your design thoughts as they come into your mind. Train yourself to become observant of the room’s furnishings and how they make you feel. Calm? Happy? Warm? Disorganized? Doing this little exercise will tell you a lot about how you see your room presently and where you would like it to go in the future. That is a plan if there ever was one for coordinating a room’s décor.

Now you are ready to go forth and decorate. Have no fear- run with your ideas to create a successful design!

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