Be Alert About Drapery Cleaning Services

I just returned from an appointment with a client who needed her custom draperies replaced. Seems, she had a company come to her home to do some rug cleaning. They told her they could also clean her drapes – which they did. But in the process of cleaning them, they shredded the fabrics.
Not onsite 1all rug cleaning companies can clean drapes. And those that say they can do it may not take into account that the chemicals, steam processes and equipment that are great for cleaning rugs may damage drapery fabrics. This concerns me greatly because I know the dollar investment a client makes when purchasing custom window treatments.
I have nothing against rug cleaning companies. There are a lot of good ones out there. I am just worried that my clients and friends will have to replace their draperies when things go wrong with cleaning them. Drapery cleaners should know about water cleaning, dry cleaning, applying heat, seeing that they are hung properly when done and dressed down to look their best. My dry cleaning service does all that and more.
I have decided to offer a new service. If, you are considering getting your draperies cleaned, call me first. I will fill you in on how your window treatments can be cleaned. That is important to know since there are so many different fibers used for window treatment products.
I cannot guarantee the quality of work from other companies offering to clean your window treatments. But, I can arm you with knowledge and provide some questions you can ask the cleaning company how they perform their drapery cleaning so you can make an informed decision.
So call me at 804-746-0255 for more info about this free program and our dry cleaning services that are 10% off for the month of August to help you get ready for fall.

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