Design Trends to Wake Up Your Hip Side!

There are some common themes on the home fashion runways for the start of the new decade. The “word” is that these trends will be popular over the next few years. Their influence will show up in home interiors again and again. They are worthy of a close look. You may not want to redo your entire home in one of these trends but incorporating some of these fabulous ideas into your home can open you up to new and exciting possibilities. I am cost conscious for my clients and so I always recommend getting trendy with budget-friendly accents and accessories initially. Bigger pieces and designs can be changed to a new style later if you really love them.

Trends are categorized by color/finishes and custom products.Color deck

Color palettes will be sharp and modern with pops of brilliant colors such as saturated reds and indigos. Rich and bold colors such as purple and goldenrod are great as accents in a room. The comeback of the color purple is so dominant that you will want to have some throw pillows and area rugs in that color. Gray will be the new neutral color. It looks fantastic as a backdrop for the bold colors. Textures and finishes will range from high-gloss shine to grainy dark metals that can be used in the same room for great contrast. Real wood and real plaster are showing up in the newest home interiors. Try a black lacquered tray with an antique metal teapot on it.

Evidently we are a pretty predictable bunch when it comes to how we think and what we buy! Here is what the interior design forecasters say. We like to know our purchases are durable and will perform well in our homes. They need to be easy to maintain and we are willing to pay for good craftsmanship. Indoor/outdoor fabrics are amazingly durable with no maintenance required. That is the kind of product that fits the bill and our lifestyle. We are eco-conscious and demand products that are organic in their energy and feel. It is part of our growing awareness of this delicate planet we call home.

We will not have such a need for symmetry – you know how we had to have 2 end tables for the sofa. Our own quirkiness and personal style will take over. Individuality will reign! If you like pink, then by all means have your pink.

One thing is for sure: Change is in the air. And change is good…right? We grow and expand our horizons when we change. As Mikey says “ try it you’ll like it!”


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