Room by Room – Designed for Senior Safety

A whole set of new concerns can descend on a family about the safety and comfort of their senior family members.  My interior design work concentrates on senior safety and design for comfortable living.  I’ve got lots of ideas for each area of the home.  Today we’ll start in the bathroom.

Safety in the showers is a top priority.  Wall mounted handles help seniors with entering and exiting the tub.  But even better – get a tub cut.  It is a permanent nicely finished cut on the side of the tub that creates an easy step-in for showering.  What a great idea!  Tub benches, safety bath mats and easy to grip shampoo bottles also promote safety.

Many baths are inadequately lit for seniors eyes.  Check for sufficient lighting over the sink and in the tub area.  Eliminate shadows wherever possible!  Put a nightlight with sufficient brightness in the bathroom for safe nighttime navigating.

Move all linen closet and medicine cabinet contents down to a height easily reachable.  Let’s not have any dangerous climbing in slippery areas.  While you are in the medicine cabinet, safely dispose of all expired medications to be sure they do not get used accidentally.

Add your ideas to the list, be proactive and put them in use!

782WS-BB-PCG[1]Linda Hunt

Creatively Yours Custom – Interior Decorator – Senior Downsizing Design Expert



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