The Dish on Design Trends

It is well known that trends can be short lived and quickly become passe, classic and timely looks have staying power and remain fashionable for long periods of time. But there are some trends in colors, bathrooms and bedrooms, that have staying power. They are important for everyone’s home fashions.

Gray has been a top color choice for years and will continue to do so. It is a neutral that blends well with quite a few colors. Watery blues continue to be very popular in color schemes. Shades of gold have been coming on strong also and work well with grays, so it will continue to make its presence known.

Bath spaces are getting larger and more luxurious often incorporating some spa style elements.Vanities look more like a piece of furniture instead of a built in style. Rain-shower heads have been popular for a long time. Some people are foregoing tubs in their bathrooms-another bathroom trend that is here to stay for awhile.

Being busy is a fact of life in today’s world and so bedrooms continue to be the ultimate escape for home owners. They want to retreat into a soft, luxurious bedroom similar to the ones in high end hotels. The look is clean, uncluttered and soothing to the spirit. Being enveloped into the softness and low level lighting of today’s bedrooms is a trend that is also here to stay for the foreseeable future.

I can help you design your rooms with style trends that will last for your home and not become dated very quickly. That is so important-your decorating dollars being spent on wise designs for your home!

Email me here or call me 804-746-0255 and let’s talk. I have so much to show you!


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