The Best Invention Since Sliced Bread

In my world, everything is fabric, fabric and more fabric!  Most design plans include fabric choices for draperies, pillows, upholstery, comforters and much more. These fabrics are subjected to a variety of environmental factors that affect their longevity. I am a design expert that takes exceptional care of my clients and like you; I see what can happen to fabrics. I am always looking for design products that are durable and a good value for my clients. That is why I am so excited about this product and want to see it in everyone’s home.

Does anyone else besides me have faded draperies or upholstery in a sunny window? I have a little dog who jumps up on my furniture all the time even when he is wet from a walk in the rain! Does your family also eat, drink and spill in the family room? Then what you need is the wonderful invention called indoor/outdoor fabric!Tuscan

Indoor/outdoor fabrics are specifically made to stand up to the outside elements. They are fade and mildew resistant and still look good after a long, hot and humid Richmond summer. They have proven their worth to the world. Now just imagine using these fabrics in the busiest areas inside your home. It is a no brainer! If they can take the sun and the rain, they can certainly take what everyday family life dishes out. Upholster the family room furniture and the kitchen table chair seats in this type of fabric and see how strong it is. Sofa pillows always end up on the floor for the television watchers in the family.  If they were covered in indoor/outdoor fabrics, how much better would that be for all the times they get tossed about? These wonderful fabrics have been around for awhile now and each year they get better and better. They are available in many styles. There is something for everyone’s taste.  Many stores stock indoor/outdoor cushions for your patio in an array of colors and designs. I would suggest you try one of these outdoor cushions first.

I worked on a design for a sunroom of a home on the “rivah”. There will be grandkids, food, drink and wet swimsuits in and out of that room every day. Indoor/outdoor fabrics were the right choices for the furniture and the banquette seat cushions. They will take the wear and tear; dry quickly without damage and those pesky spills will clean up quickly. The homeowners can enjoy their guests without worrying about the furniture in the room. Even the clean freaks among us will find satisfaction in a special indoor/outdoor fabric group that can be bleached. You just have to give them a try! I can get you all kinds of indoor/outdoor fabrics. I am going outside now to relax on that inviting looking chaise with a tall glass of ice-cold lemonade and my wet dog. No worries – this is the life.

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